Top Five Observational Maintenance Tips


A perfect tool for preventable failures is simple observation of your car.  Although our minds may be going elsewhere, we step into our car and we are going places.  Even though we just turned the key to a very complicated, intricate piece of machinery; most of us never even stop to take an easy preventative examination.  An airline pilot is required by law to do a “walk-around” of their passenger jet and so should you.

Observational maintenance is the top way to control your vehicle and not let things suddenly fail. Here are five items you should be checking before you open your

1.)  Look at each tire checking for proper inflation and damage. If you think a tire has low pressure compare it to the other three. Always have your tire pressure gauge available if needed. Keep your tires fully inflated.

2.) While walking to your car observe the pavement underneath. Are there any unusual  liquids dripping from your car? The only dripping should be the water condensation from the air conditioning system.

3.)  When you turn on the lights observe their reflection. Dirty lights are dangerous. Blown bulbs are bad. Wipe off your lenses and keep them clean.


mitsubishi-miev-windshield-wipers4.) Keep your windshield clear. Pull off any debris or leaves that might impair visibility or inhibit the wipers.

5.) Look at your carpets as rocks and debris wear them out quicker. Vacuum often and especially under the mats. Wipe down any spills immediately. Know your dashboard warning lights.

Continue to observe your car’s daily wear and tear for the most reliability. Don’t forget your coffee or mobile phone you might have left on the roof before you drive off.Mature-Motoring-Orange

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