Volkswagen’s XL1 Ultra High-Mileage Hybrid Concept


From folks who brought you the V-1 comes a high mileage XL-1.  Longer, yet lower than BMW’s Mini, Volkswagens new product will only sell in Europe.  Expect different automakers to sell automobiles like this in North America within four years.

This light 1800 pound car seats two up front with two doors and two diesel powered pistons with synchronous electric motor power through a seven speed automatic transmission to deliver a realistic 200 plus miles per gallon.  We expect only 250 to be assembled the first year at a price of approximately $140,000.

Volkswagen today in the USA sells a gasoline hybrid Jetta and a diesel Jetta but not a diesel hybrid Jetta.  A diesel hybrid would get meaningfully better fuel economy than a gasoline hybrid or a diesel.  What’s the hold up?  Maybe they want you to buy a diesel hybrid when your hybrid or diesel engine wears out.

The aerodynamics are noteworthy.  No exterior mirrors, completely covered rear wheels and beautifully smooth honest aerodynamic lines that don’t force a front grill for identity sake.  Carbon fiber, metal alloys and only about 25% is iron or steel make this VW lighter.  The engine and motor are mounted directly behind the passengers pushing the rear wheels.

While the door is easy enough to open upward, getting down into the seats and up again to step out is an exercise that will deter.  The XL-1 is the wave of the future; smaller.  Would the XL one meet United States passenger safety laws?

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