2013 Acura RDX: Luxury Experience

You have reached a time in life when you deserve more than Hondas’ CRV or Toyotas’ RAV4. Subaru, Nissan and Ford don’t offer the luxury and spirit you desire. Acura's entertaining 2013 RDX is in a … [Read More...]


She’s Giving Up Control

Older women are much more likely to stop driving than older men and sooner. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says there are 33 million licensed drivers 65 or older and that number is … [Read More...]


Gender in the Car World

Recently I engaged in a twitter back and forth with a woman auto journalist & editor of a large on-line concern; a person who hires many writers.  I was noticing the lack of men in the room in her video at a Mercedes-Benz introduction.  She let me know that gender today was a non-issue and […]