Gender in the Car World

Recently I engaged in a twitter back and forth with a woman auto journalist & editor of a large on-line concern; a person who hires many writers.  I was noticing the lack of men in the room in her video at a Mercedes-Benz introduction.  She let me know that gender today was a non-issue and […]

Top Five Observational Maintenance Tips

A perfect tool for preventable failures is simple observation of your car.  Although our minds may be going elsewhere, we step into our car and we are going places.  Even though we just turned the key to a very complicated, intricate piece of machinery; most of us never even stop to take an easy preventative […]

She’s Giving Up Control

Older women are much more likely to stop driving than older men and sooner. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says there are 33 million licensed drivers 65 or older and that number is climbing for both men and women. According to the National Household Travel (NHT)Study in 2009: “Driving Miss Daisy” demonstrated that […]

The Quiet Commute: Electric Bikes

  Today, we rode a revolutionary vehicle, and it felt out of our comfort zone. It was a bit scary — scary good, light and fun, quick yet eerie. Eerie good because this vehicle is almost as light as one’s first Schwinn, yet quick off the stoplight as most drivers with a V-8 engine. We […]

There’s a Travel App for That!

Like color television overtaking black-and-white in the 1970s, Smartphones have taken over the regular mobile phone. Now most mobile phones are Smartphones designed to work intrinsically with the Internet. The No. 1 way individuals access the Internet worldwide is via their mobile Smartphone…