Harnessing Mature Motoring Automobile Reviews



We cover areas other car reviewers don’t.  As we age; ride, noise, illumination, effort, fit and distracting annoyances are meaningful considerations when we purchase.

We expect all pedals, steering and other meaningful controls to be thoughtfully placed and easy to use with accurately responding output related to the drivers input.  So we expect all cars and controls to work well from every automaker with minimal distraction from the road ahead.

All automobiles work well, differently.  For example; thousands of different brake designs yet they feel similar underfoot and bring your vehicle to a complete halt without one word of explanation.  Automobiles have always been built intuitively.  So after studying thousands of cars over four decades our experience will tell you what’s out of line.

We strive to test the base model with automatic transmission of the most popular models.  We are focused on the automobile itself not the distracting accoutrements.  We are not in a rush to test brand-new models.  Brand-new models are lacking refinement.

Mature adults demand less compromise.  Mature adults value life more and demand greater safety, not safety marketing. Mature adults want the genuine article, consistent character is important.

Every car has a different character in the way it moves.  “You Move It, It Moves You”.  If input to output is not sympathetic or lacks consistency of operation we will tell you.

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