Volkswagen’s XL1 Ultra High-Mileage Hybrid Concept

From folks who brought you the V-1 comes a high mileage XL-1.  Longer, yet lower than BMW’s Mini, Volkswagens new product will only sell in Europe.  Expect different automakers to sell automobiles like this in North America within four years. This light 1800 pound car seats two up front with two doors and two diesel […]

Infiniti Q30 Concept

An Australian native who is now vice president of Infiniti Americas, Michael Bartsch, stated while in California recently; ” 50% of the industry profits come from 12% of the market and that 12% of the market is the premium segment.”  This may be why Nissan-Renault’s own Infiniti brand. To sell more premium segment buyers “seductive” […]

Volvo Designed Concepts

With the anticipation of a four-cylinder engine under the hood Volvo isn’t breaking in any new driveline or suspension technologies yet it has released  three concept cars over the last year.  The concepts exercise is clearly  demonstrating leading Scandinavian design.  The three concepts have very similar looks and lighting up front and in the rear […]