2014 Honda FCEV Concept


Honda’s FCEV would be an electric powered 4-door passenger car using a fuel cell instead of a battery.  Honda’s Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle is an exercise in packaging and design.  With General Motors help, Honda packaged the fuel cells with the electric motor driveline up front like a front-wheel-drive Civic is today.

Honda’s new one third smaller, substantially more powerful fuel-cell stack has the energy to fit upfront under the hood in concert with an electric motor to drive the front wheels.  No one has done this before with a plan toward eventual production.  The gas tank as usual is in the rear in front of the trunk and behind the three passenger rear seat.

The fuel cells are powered by hydrogen which is more commonly available now than this car, which is a non running one-of-a-kind.  The FCEV may be thought of as more of a styling testbed.  What do you think of the looks?  Do you like the vertical lines in front of the front wheels?  Does it look masculine or feminine?  What about the skirts covering the rear wheels, do you find that attractive?

Want to get in on the future of powered automobiles while leapfrogging Tesla?  Move to Southern California and get a three-year/ $600 per month lease from your local Honda dealer on the four door Fuel-Cell experimental FCX and use the cleanest fuel in the universe, now.

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